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Our Story

Jim Brosseau & Sue Nackoney have been making delicious raw, paleo-friendly, and gluten free crackers since 2002. We’ve helped thousands of people taste the experience of tuning into their body’s subtle voice. Jim has trained with Victoria Boutenko and Sue got her start at Yoga Oasis as head gardener and raw chef intern. Jim & Sue are Master Sufi teachers in the Shadiliyya Sufi tradition and are graduates of the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. They share a passion for helping others to heal their hearts, bodies and spirits. Jim & Sue live in Portland, Oregon with their daughter, Persephone Rose, their son, August Rain, and their faithful canine friend Amina.

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What Our Fans Say…

You can now enjoy these raw, vegan, gluten free crackers in an all new packaging…bigger size, resealable top and new bite-size pieces – in other words, more to love!!! We are huge fans of this wonderful company and their delicious crackers and love seeing our friends putting our products to good and tasty use!!!